Ansa McAL Partners With PSI-Caribbean To End Gender Based Violence

ansa-mcalPSI-Caribbean is pleased to be partnering with Ansa McAl Group of Companies in a national initiative on the prevention of gender based violence.

An announcement was made yesterday by Ansa McAl Group Chairman, Norman Sabga, at a celebration marking the 135th Anniversary of the company.
Mr Sabga said his organization’s sponsorship of the PSI project–Make it Stop, was one that was inspired by the Group’s responsibility to be protectors of the nation’s daughters, mothers and sisters.

In referring to the scourge of violence against women and the disappearance of others, Mr Sabga said Ansa McAl must be a catalyst for positive change and transformation.

The partnership will be as a multifaceted response that involves interventions in schools, offices and vulnerable communities as well as a commitment from the Guardian Media network to elevate the conversation of violence prevention.

It is to the credit of Mr Sabga and his Group that they would take such a leadership response to such a critical issue.

PSI is a global health network that has decades of experience in conducting many social initiatives related to women’s health and welfare. Partnering with such an influential Group as Ansa McAl will go a long way towards mounting a substantial response required to create a positive impact.

Kudos to you Mr Sabga for your compassionate and sincere leadership.


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