Civil Society


Civil Society plays a big role in the work we do.

In Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Belize, Dominica, Grenada, Jamaica, St. Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Suriname and Trinidad and Tobago, PSI-Caribbean has partnered with other nongovernmental organizations to implement communication for social change, facilitate markets and market products and services to support HIV and STI prevention and use of contraception.

In most countries listed above, PSI-C partners with the local International Planned Parenthood Association affiliate and other organizations vested in sexual and reproductive health to implement the Got it? Get it. campaign.

Behaviour Change Communication (BCC)

In each country and through the local partner PSI-C has trained a team of behaviour change communication peer educators who gain entry into hard to reach communities and are able to effectively conduct communication for social change activities with our target audiences. Peer educators carry out large scale, medium scale and even one on one intervention with priority populations to educate on issues of sexual and reproductive health and also promote the services of the local affiliate and have been able to reach more than 120,000 audience members thus far.

Sexual and Reproductive Health Referral

BCC Peer Educators authorized to issue referral cards to audience members who are deemed most at risk or cannot afford health services. These discount cards, subsidized by PSI-C are redeemed at the local Planned Parenthood affiliate and cover any service offered by the affiliate. The user pays whatever the difference. By supporting and promoting access to service PSI-C is helping the user and also growing the market for services offered by the affiliate.

Condom Social Marketing

Similar to its partnership model with the private sector, PSI-Caribbean has been able to collaborate with local NGO’s to implement robust condom social marketing programs in these markets. PSI-C has provided a model for NGO’s to supply condoms to the small, non-traditional condom retailers, such as barber shops, mom and pop shops and brothels in communities in which PSI-C implements communication for social change programs. Members of PSI-C’s target audience often found it difficult to access condoms. PSI-C’s response was to sensitize and incentivize these entities about the importance of our programs and the vital need to carry out small sales in communities at risk. The seed was planted and for over the past nine years, these Planned Parenthood associations have been purchasing condoms and have assigned condom sales promotion agents to make these small sales and brand these non-traditional condom retailers as Got it? Get it. outlets. PSI-C’s commitment to supporting the growth of the total market is evident and this approach has contributed to the well over 1.5 million single units of condoms sold at over 2500 branded Got it? Get it. outlets through PSI-C’s regional HIV and STI prevention program in the region.

Gender Based Violence Prevention

In 2014 PSI-C started working in gender based violence prevention in Trinidad and Tobago with the aim to transform attitudes and engage influencers. PSI-C has worked with local partners, community members and policy makers such as the Mamatoto Resource, Birth Centre, Families in Action,  Conflict Women, YTEPP and SERVOL on a comprehensive response, now known as the Make it Stop Campaign

 See below for a list of PSI-C’s Implementing Partners





If you’re interested in learning more about our work, or want to explore a potential collaboration to build health and wellness in the Caribbean, please contact Moira Lindsay, Regional Program Director, at or 868-623-2497. 

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