Together, we can save lives, grow stronger economies and build a better world.

The private sector can help address complex development challenges in ways that harness their core business skills and interests. Through strategic partnerships and aligned vision with our corporate partners, we are able to test innovative solutions and scale up proven concepts. This cross-sector collaboration is essential to achieve regional development and sustainability goals and to improve businesses.

Until 2014 PSI-Caribbean proudly to partnered with 3 motivated and strategic corporate entities in the region to address HIV and sexually transmitted infections. As our priority health areas increase, PSI-C is poised to collaborate with additional corporate partners to address gender- based violence prevention and non-communicable disease prevention in the region.




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In partnership with the major distribution companies, Carimed Ltd (Jamaica), Brodies Ltd (Belize) and C&C Trading (St Kitts and Nevis), PSI-Caribbean was been able to implement robust condom social marketing programs in these markets. As large distribution companies, these corporations had no incentive to supply condoms to the small, non-traditional condom retailers, such as barber shops, mom and pop shops and brothels in communities that PSI-C implemented communication for social change program in. Thus members of PSI-C’s target audience found it difficult to access condoms. PSI-C’s response was to sensitize and incentivize these distribution companies about the importance of our programs and the vital need to carry out small sales in communities at risk. The seed was planted and for over the past nine years, these large scale distributors have assigned condom sales promotion agents to make these small sales and brand these non-traditional condom retailers as Got it? Get it. outlets. PSI-C’s commitment to supporting the growth of the total market is evident and this approach has contributed to the well over 1.5 million single units of condoms sold through PSI-C’s regional HIV and STI prevention program in the region.


If you’re interested in learning more about our work, or want to explore a potential collaboration to contribute to increased health and wellness in the Caribbean, please contact Marina Hilaire-Bartlett, Executive Director, at or 868-628-2497.

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