Got it? Get it.

Youth volunteers at PSI-Caribbean’s, Got it? Get it. Condom Olympics on World AIDS Day 2015

Got it? Get it.

The Brand

With about 1% (0.9% – 1.1%), the Caribbean remains the region with the highest (adult) HIV prevalence outside sub-Saharan Africa. As part of its HIV prevention effort, PSI-C developed Got it? Get it. (GIGI) a powerful, youth oriented, Caribbean- flavoured brand that promotes condom use, signifies condom availability and promotes sexual and reproductive health.

In response to what PSI-C perceived as shortcomings of past HIV prevention efforts, scare tactics and any form of preaching as well as images of wholesome couples embodying abstinence were deliberately avoided.

Based on these traits PSI-C developed the Got it? Get it. name and logo. Since 2006, PSI-C’s Got it? Get it. campaign has been successful in promoting increased access to sexual and reproductive health information and services among high-risk populations in 12 countries across the region.

Got it? Get it. first focused on strategies for condom promotion to increase intention to use condoms, as well as availability. The regional campaign later expanded  to address sexual and reproductive health more broadly.

Got it? Get it. Multi Media

GIGI The Brand Fact Sheet

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