PSI Global Ambassador, Mandy Moore and philanthropist, author and speaker, Indrani Goradia at the launch of  the Make It Stop GBV prevention campaign in Trinidad

PSI Global Ambassador, Mandy Moore and philanthropist, author and speaker, Indrani Goradia at the launch of the Make It Stop GBV prevention campaign in Trinidad



Investing in Women and Girls

PSI-Caribbean is a beneficiary of PSI’s new global initiative focused on the health of girls and women that engages the time and talents of philanthropists who have more than just their dollars to invest.

Indrani’s Legacy Partnership: Preventing Gender Based Violence in India and Trinidad and Tobago

Indrani Goradia is a philanthropist and advocate for women’s health and empowerment. She is the founder of Indrani’s Light Foundation, a non-profit foundation dedicated to empowering women around the world with the tools to live healthy and meaningful lives.

Over the past ten years, Indrani has partnered with United Way in South Asia and the Caribbean to bring health, strength and wellness to women in need through Indrani’s Light Foundation. She is a tireless advocate for girls and women leading empowerment trainings in several countries around the world.

An author, speaker and certified life coach, Indrani has delivered keynote addresses at both national and international women’s conferences and leads workshops around the world. Indrani completed her formal education in New York City, attending Queens College and Kent State University. She is a triathlete, marathoner, and proud mother and wife.

Her project: Indrani is dedicated to preventing Gender Based Violence (GBV) in India and Trinidad and Tobago. GBV is a systemic, public health and human rights issue that not only jeopardizes the lives of women and children but also has a profoundly impedes communities’ and a country’s progress. The goal of Indrani’s project is to reduce the prevalence of GBV and provide GBV survivors with much-needed support and health services in these countries. The project will increase access to quality, comprehensive GBV services, change negative gender norms and increase public awareness and advocacy that can serve as a global model. We will work with Indrani’s Light Foundation to engage stakeholders globally—including UN agencies—to generate global support for the movement. The program will also seek to engage celebrity ambassadors and thought leaders, collaborating

In partnership with Indrani’s Legacy, PSI-Caribbean is developed and launched the Make It Stop branded campaign in May 2015 to contribute to ending violence against women and girls in Trinidad and Tobago.  


Joining in the Battle Against Non-Communicable Diseases

JB Fernandes Memorial Trust I Partnership: Preventing Non-Communicable Diseases in India and Trinidad and Tobago

Joseph Bento “JB” Fernandes

Joseph Bento “JB” Fernandes, the grandson of Portuguese emigrants, was born in Trinidad in 1903. An astute businessman, he revolutionized rum production in the island nation, at one point owning the largest distillery in the region, as well as substantial real estate holdings.

During his life, he conducted his philanthropy as private giving on an annual or ad hoc basis. It was not until after his death in 1992 that, at his instruction, a formal structure for his philanthropy was established.

Given his penchant for privacy, it’s not surprising that Fernandes kept his significant philanthropic pursuits tightly under wraps while alive. But, since his death in 1992, the memorial trust that bears the Fernandes name has played an increasingly visible and vital role in a number of countries in the Caribbean and Europe. Since the trust began making grants in 1998, it has focused on three main areas aligned with Fernandes’ interests: education, health, and poverty alleviation. It has awarded over 1,000 grants to date, totalling more than $72 million in Trinidad and Tobago, Madeira, Portugal, and several Portuguese communities in the United States

Administered by Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, the JB Fernandes Memorial Trust I, has evolved over time, yet has remained true to its founder’s core values. While the trust provides direct support, it also supports work that identifies and addresses the root causes of societal problems and targets ways to bring about significant change. The trust is still one of the few private funders working in Trinidad and Tobago, and for some organizations has been their sole source of nongovernmental support. Likewise, in Portugal and the United States, where it is one of many other private funders, its ability to provide general operating support has offered important flexible funding to small and mid-sized non-profits.

In 2015 through the support of the Trust, and under the umbrella of PSI-Caribbean’s non-communicable diseases prevention campaign, Core, the first phase of a 3 year pilot project to address the four main NCDs that affect Trinidad, namely cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and chronic respiratory disease is being implemented.

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