Population Services Jamaica (PSJ)

Population Services Jamaica (PSJ) is a networking member of PSI and has worked closely with its regional affiliate PSI-Caribbean to implement integrated health marketing programmes to respond to key behavioural determinants such as; the ability to use a condom correctly, personal risk perception, concurrent partners, social support for youth or the uptake of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) and other reproductive health services to serve vulnerable and at-risk populations. The target groups are:

  • Males-at-Risk (MAR) – sexually active males 25-49
  • Females-at-Risk (FAR) – females in difficult situations 25-49
  • Youth at Risk (YAR) sexually active youth 16-24
  • Uniformed Population (UP), males & females in the military service and their families.

Past Implementing Partners:

  • Jamaica Family Planning Association
  • Jamaica AIDS Support for Life
  • Eve for Life
  • Jamaica Defense Force
  • Cari-Med Distributors


If you’re interested in learning more about our work, or want to explore a potential collaboration to build health and wellness in Jamaica, please contact Moira Lindsay, Executive Director, PSI-Caribbean at mlindsay@psicarib.org





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