Prakseri? Tek’Leri

Prakseri Tek Leri Health Fair in Suriname

Prakseri Tek Leri Health Fair in Suriname

Prakseri? Tek’Leri


PSI-C’s sub-office in Suriname in collaboration with Stichting Lobi (an affiliate of the International Planned Parenthood Federation, focusing on Family Planning), New Beginnings Consulting and Counselling Services and Suriname Men United (SMU) has been implementing a sexual and reproductive health social marketing program since 2011. As part of creating impact and bringing all elements of the campaign together the development of a program/branding was proposed.

Brand Values & Personality:

Similar to the military specific program, a brand that would resonate with males, females and youth at risk in particular had to be created. In 2012, Prakseri? Tek’ Leri was born. This brand addresses the thought processes of the target populations and appeals to the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Name & Logo:

Prakseri? Tek’ Leri means “Thinking or considering? Get more/learn more/know more. This is a direct correlation to the regional Got it? Get it. brand and is used to promote sexual and reproductive health and condom availability.

The brand is versatile and trendy and is positioned as a healthy lifestyle seeking behaviour brand among the target groups.

Several promotional items and point of sales materials which were developed to promote key messages and create awareness for the programs were all branded with the respective program logo.

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