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PSI-C’s work in Suriname seeks to promote sexual and reproductive health among high-risk and low income populations through messages and products designed to respond to key behavioural determinants such as; the ability to use a condom correctly, personal risk perception, concurrent partners, social support for youth or the uptake of voluntary counselling and testing (VCT) and other reproductive health services.

PSI/C’s Suriname program has worked with primary partners, the Suriname Defense Organization (SDO) and International Planned Parenthood affiliate Stichting Lobi, (Lobi) to develop program branding that is strongly linked with the regional Got it? Get it. campaign (GIGI) and still resonates with those whose mother tongue is Dutch. Two distinct brands that capture the message and look of GIGI were introduced to the Suriname market and are being promoted by all partners including New Beginnings Consulting and Counselling Services (NBCCS), Suriname Men’s United (SMU) and Commercial Distributors (PPC). The two brands Prakseri? Tek’Leri and Yu Sabi? Yu Mus’ Sabi serve as the face of our program. The programs focus on the underserved target groups particularly:

  • Males-at-Risk (MAR) – sexually active males 25-49
  • Females-at-Risk (FAR) – females in difficult situations 25-49
  • Youth at Risk (YAR) sexually active youth 16-24
  • Uniformed Population (UP), males & females in the military service and their families.

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